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Colombia Cartagena skyline of Bocagrande

Bocagrande, the main beach neighborhood in the city, has been the vacation destination of choice for Colombians since 1960s. Cartagena also offers several beaches reachable by foot or by taxi, including the popular Bocagrande strip. The city has several natural harbors and two main ones are used by the public: the Bocagrande Harbor, which receives the largest ships and most commercial activity; and the harbour, which is smaller and mostly used by tour boats and recreational craft.

Best kept secret of old town - Cartagena Colombia

Where should I stay in Cartagena's old town? There are many options for places to stay in Cartagena's old town. There are hostels, hotels, and plenty of apartments to rent available. The best option would be a hotel because they have great locations with amenities such as pools and spas that will help you enjoy your time in the city.

Sandy beaches of Cartagena Colombia

Here is the list of questions about beaches in Cartagena and Bocagrande ( beach area ) as a reference to help you decide which beach is right for your family or if it’s time to visit Bocagrande north, Bocagrande south, Bocagrande center, Bocagrande west, and other beautiful locations.

Dream holidays in all inclusive resorts Colombia Cartagena

You may also tour other vital cities in Colombia's northern zone, identified as "Pearls of the Caribbean," such as Cartagena de Indias, as well as historic Santa Marta, the seat of the Fiestas del Sol y del Mar and recognized as the "Most Beautiful Bay of America" for its spectacular landscape between Venezuela and Panama.


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