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Best kept secret of old town - Cartagena Colombia

Best kept secret of old town - Cartagena Colombia

What is the history of Cartagena's walled city?

Cartagena is a Colombian city located on the Caribbean coast of South America. It was founded in 1533 by Spanish explorer Pedro de Heredia, who named it after Cartagena, Spain.

The history of Cartagena is full of myths and legends. One myth says that an old woman saved the city from being invaded by pirates in the 16th century by calling out to St. James for help as she threw her rosary into the sea. Another myth tells how a white dog rescued a sickly baby from death when it was abandoned at its doorstep in 1710 and ran to get help from its owner, Don Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid, who was then governor of New Granada (present-day Colombia).


How can I get to Cartagena's old town?

The best way to get to Cartagena's old town is by using the airport shuttle bus that leaves from the airport. Another option is to take a taxi or use an online taxi. Finally, you can also take a bus which will bring you directly into the old town. You can rent a bike in Getsemani bike rental.


Is it safe to visit Cartagena's old town alone or with friends and family?

It is safe to visit Cartagena's old town alone or with friends and family, but the best option would be to go in a group.

There are many reasons you should go in a group:

  1. You can have someone who speaks Spanish as well as English accompany you.
  2. If there is any confusion on where to go, it will be easier for everyone if they all follow one person. 
  3. There may be people on the street trying to sell something, so it will be easier for your group if they all act together.

What should I do in Cartagena's old town?

Cartagena's old town is a must-visit when you are in Cartagena. You can enjoy a lot of activities here, like going to famous restaurants and checking out the Plaza. Visit some of the museums and take lots of photos next to colonial style buildings and local people. 


One of the many beautiful streets in Getsemani - old town Cartagena, Colombia

Stop reading and just go there! Walking through those narrow historical streets is better than looking at the pictures.


I am going to Cartagena, Colombia next week. Any suggestions for tourists?

There are many places to visit in Cartagena, Colombia. Some of the tourist spots that you should visit include:

  1. Park Castillo de San Felipe del Morros, a fortress located on the northern tip of the old city.
  2. La Bocana beach
  3. Old Town Museum
  4. Bocagrande Hotel Zone
  5. Manga beach
  6. Skybar at 51th floor

You have to go to the sky bar and checkout the panoramic view of the Miami-style hotel zone.


Best Caribbean Cartagena South America

Cartagena, Colombia is the 5th largest city in Colombia and it has a population of around 1.2 million people. It is located on the north coast of Colombia near its border with Panama (Hato Duran). The Cartagena Old Town, which was recently declared part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, covers an area smaller than Manhattan Island but includes historic buildings dating too, colonial times.


The colorful streets of colonial architecture - Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena colonial architecture is an original landmark in the world, a famous colonial architecture tourist attraction that has been preserved for more than 300 years. Cartagena colonial architecture covers nearly 4 square blocks and offers you many historical churches and few bridges connecting it to other parts of the city with numerous plazas and parks where you can relax your mind. Some beautiful historical buildings such as 'El Morro' or The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, which was originally built in 1536 by the Spaniards, are worth visiting.


Where should I stay in Cartagena?

If you are looking for a hotel in Cartagena, then there are many options available to choose from.

The best hotels in the city of Cartagena are:

  1. Cartagena Walled City Hotels
  2. Hotels in Manga district
  3. Bocagrande Hotel Zone
  4. Hotels along the coast

There are so many hotels and resorts on the coast that it is hard to describe which one is the best.


What is there to do in Old Town Cartagena?

There are many things to do in Old Town Cartagena. One of the best things to do is visit the historic district and admire the colonial buildings and churches. Another popular activity is walking along the cobblestone streets and exploring some of the local shops that sell authentic Colombian crafts, trinkets, souvenirs, and other interesting items.

Another activity is shopping for a new outfit or souvenir in one of the many local boutiques that have opened up in recent years. You can also enjoy a good meal while you explore Old Town Cartagena by dining at one of its numerous restaurants that offer everything from seafood to international cuisine.


What is the walled city of Cartagena called?

The walled city of Cartagena is known as the "jewel of Colombia" and was founded in 1533. The walled city of Cartagena is called La Ciudad Blanca or the White City. In the old city of Cartagena, tourists can find many historic buildings ( districts of el Centro ).


What is the old town in Colombia?

The old town in Colombia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in 1538 and is the best-preserved historical center of the country. Walls, which protect it from flooding, surround the old town.

The area has many churches, museums, shops, restaurants, and cafes that are still intact today due to the walls surrounding it. There are also different monuments such as sculptures like Monumento a la India Catalina and two Pegasus.

Is Cartagena Colombia worth visiting? To answer this question, you first need to understand what is Cartagena Colombia.

Cartagena Colombia is a city in the Colombian department of Bolivar on the Caribbean coast. It is the capital of Bolivar and has around 1 million inhabitants. The city is well known for its history as an important port and stronghold for Spanish galleons coming from Panama in the 16th century. 

Today, it has become one of Colombia's leading tourist destinations due to its beaches, architecture, nightlife, and colonial heritage.


Where is the best place to stay in Cartagena, Columbia?

There are many hotels in Cartagena, Columbia. The best place to stay is at the Cartagena Bocagrande hotel zone which, rent hotel with a rooftop pool and wonderful views of the old city.

This is just one of the many places you can stay in this beautiful city.

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What is Santa Marta, Colombia?

Santa Marta is a city in Colombia. It is the capital of the Magdalena Department and also one of the most important cities in Colombia due to its strategic location on the Caribbean coast. Santa Marta is 2nd 2ndtouristt destination on the Colombian Caribbean coast after the Cartagenan de Indias. The city's metropolitan area has a population of over 0,5 million people. 


Should I move to Cartagena, Colombia at the end of this year when I retire?

Yes, you should definitely move to Cartagena Colombia at the end of this year when you retire. You will be able to find a lot of retirement options in Cartagena Colombia like:

  • You can buy an apartment or house in a good location.
  • There are plenty of activities and things to do in this city.
  • It is easy to get around because it has an excellent public transportation system that covers the entire city and surrounding areas.
  • It is also affordable as well as comfortable and peaceful with great weather all year round.


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What is the walled city of Cartagena called?

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Is Cartagena Colombia worth visiting?

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What is Cartagena best known for? Are you safe in Cartagena, Colombia?

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