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Sandy beaches of Cartagena Colombia

Sandy beaches of Cartagena Colombia

The beach clubs in Cartagena are, for the most part, very clean, safe, and luxurious. You can find them listed on tourist websites. They usually charge CUC $250,000 per person for beach day trips. The best beaches to visit here are not Boca Grande nor La Boquilla which are crowded with vendors but Tierra bomba (with mainland scenery) where you can relax by eating fresh grilled seafood at local restaurants near beach clubs. Seafood and cocktails are what tourists look for, the most frequently asked about:

  1.  The Beach Club at Bora Bora
  2.  Beach Club Lounge Area
  3.  Beach Club Bar
  4.  Beach Club Pool
  5.  Beach Club Dining Room
  6.  Beach Club Private Cabanas
  7.  Beach Club Cocktail Menu
  8.  Beach Club Restaurant Menu


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Beach clubs in Colombia during weekends are usually packed with people. In 2009 many of the clubs started to be renovated and have been decorated as well. Nowadays you can do water activities such as windsurfing for free or renting for about $15CUC. Marine life, boat transportation, and the island of Tierra Bomba are the keywords there.


Best Beach Vacations in Colombia for Day Tours or Day Passes?

Colombia is a coastal country that has a lot of path beaches, with its most popular being the Caribbean coast. The Caribbean coast has been well-known for its warm weather and beaches since 1950s. The best beach vacation in Colombia would be Cartagena's beaches because they are beautiful and clean.


Where should I stay in Cartagena, Colombia?

It is always a good idea to book in advance and get the best deals. This can be done by booking on hotels websites and blogs about tourism in Colombia.

The best hotels in the Cartagena de Indias area are located in:

  1. Bocagrande district
  2. Manga district
  3. Marbella district

It depends on the few factors where you should rent a hotel room or apartment. 

Should I visit Cartagena de Indias, Colombia?

To answer this question, we need to understand some key things related to visiting Cartagena de Indias, Colombia like: What is the weather like in Cartagena de Indias? What are the health risks associated with staying in Cartagena de Indias? And finally, what are the steps involved in visiting the Cartagena de Indias?

Simply put: To answer this question; you must first decide whether you want to visit this city. The climate of the city will depend on what time of year you decide to visit as well as how long you stay. 

The health risks associated with staying in this colorful city include Covid-19 and diarrhea.

The best way to get around is by taxi or bus because walking through large cities is always risky and taxis are also expensive here due to high demand, but they're worth it!


What is Santa Marta, Colombia?

Santa Marta is a Colombian city located on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is considered one of the most important cities in Colombia and the whole continent.

It has a metropolitan population of over 0,5 million people. Santa Marta is also known as "The White City" because it has many white buildings due to its cool climate and its light colors, which are easy on the eyes, making it an ideal place for those who suffer from the seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Are there any beaches in Cartagena, Colombia?

There are many beaches in Cartagena, Colombia. The most popular one is called the Bocagrande Hollywood beach. It is a strip of white sand beach that runs parallel to the north side of Cartagena.

Besides, there are other beaches in Cartagena like "Playa Blanca" which is also very popular among tourists as it has more than 30 different vendors selling souvenirs and drinks, and is near the old town.


What is the best beach in Cartagena?

The best beaches in Cartagena are called Hollywood Beach and Marbella Beach. The playa Blanca is on Baru island, which is part of the Caribbean Sea. The Isla Barú or Isla de Barú is a former peninsula south of Cartagena, Colombia. To find out more about what are the best beaches for your vacation, you can consult with our experts who will be able to help you decide where to go for your next holiday.


Can you swim in the ocean in Cartagena?

Yes, you can swim in the ocean in Cartagena. There are some rules and regulations for swimming in the ocean that need to be followed by visitors. The following are the rules and regulations for swimming in the ocean:

  1. Swimming is not allowed from sunset to sunrise.
  2. All swimmers must wear a life jacket when swimming within 50 meters of the shoreline or at any time if conditions require it.
  3. Life jackets must fit properly and be worn at all times while on board a boat or near the water's edge while standing up or lying down.
  4. No person shall swim alone from a boat into deep water without another person being present on board who can assist them if needed.


Are Cartagena's sandy beaches open?

The answer to this question is that the beach is open at the moment. Some of them are overcrowded like beaches on Bocagrande, playa Blanca Baru, la boquilla beach, Tierra bomba, or Rosario islands. Some beaches next to the national park can be closed, but others are full of branch clubs with hammocks. You can take a one-day boat ride - a day trip - from the port of Cartagena to a beautiful beach with crystal clear water in a Caribbean paradise. On some Cartagena beaches, you can rent a kayak for 1 hour. If you're looking for tiny islands, you can check PAO PAO, Isla del Encanto, or Playa de Oro.


What are some things to see and do at a beach in Cartagena, Colombia?

The beach in Cartagena, Colombia is a great place to enjoy the water and experience some of the best beaches in South America.

Here are some things you can do at a beach in Cartagena, Colombia:

  1. Walk along the coastline and take photos from a top of the skybar or watch the sunset from there.
  2. Relax on one of the many beaches that are close by and soak up the sun, sand, and surf with your toes in the ocean while sipping on an ice-cold beer.
  3. Hike through beautiful natural landscapes, including lush rainforest hills, rivers, streams, and waterfalls.
  4. Rent a bike and ride along the coast, stop on a few sandy beaches and buy some local food from beach vendors.


How can I make sure that I don't get sunburned or sunburnt while on vacation in Cartagena, Colombia?

You can avoid getting sunburned or sunburnt by using sunscreen. There are a few ways to make sure that you don't get burned while on vacation in Cartagena, Colombia.

  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible, including a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. 
  • Be aware of where you're going so you can be extra careful around reflective surfaces like water, sand, and snow.

A day pass for Bora Bora is a must-have for all tourists!

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind. Albert Amjad

How do you get to the best beach in Cartagena, Colombia?

The only way to get to the best beaches next to Cartagena is by speedboat. In the tourist port of Cartegena, next to Cloak Tower, there are many boats designed to take tourists to the best sandy beaches.


Where is the best place to go swimming and snorkeling on the coast of Colombia?

The best place to go swimming and snorkeling on the coast of Cartagena Colombia is located in Santa Marta.

It has a wide variety of natural attractions, water sports, and flora and fauna which are some of the reasons it's considered one of the top tourist destinations in South America.


What is the best beach in Cartagena, Colombia?

Cartagena is a coastal city in Colombia. It is a popular tourist destination with excellent weather and fantastic beaches.

There are many options for the best beaches in Cartagena but we recommend you to visit Pao Pao, Bora Bora, Playa Blanca; it has some of the most amazing white sand and turquoise waters in all of Colombia.


How much does it cost to travel from San Francisco to Cartagena Colombia, by plane, train, bus, or car?

The cheapest way to travel from San Francisco to Cartagena is by plane. A one-way ticket costs $$193.

To get from San Francisco to Cartagena, you can choose between a bus or train trip. The bus will cost you $$2,250 and the train will cost you $$1,984 for a one-way ticket.


Beautiful Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is one of Colombia's most exceptional cities which offers incredible coastal views and beautiful natural attractions.

Cartagena was once known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean" and it still retains this title today by being a favorite destination among travelers all over Asia, Europe, South America, North Africa, and the Middle East.

It has such delightful architectural draws like its stone walls that have stood for centuries.


Playa Blanca, Cartagena, Colombia

More Than Just a Nice Beach with Beautiful Watercolor. It is a place to visit during your holidays in Cartegena de Indias. Not everyone can spend more than $2for 1 beer here, not to mention the high prices everywhere else.

The local economy depends on tourism, especially ecotourism, in which about 25% of income comes from international guests and 75% comes from domestic customs.


What safety precautions should American tourists in Cartagena, Colombia, take?

Tourists in Cartagena, Colombia, should be wary of the water as there are reports of tourists contracting dengue fever. There have also been reports of tourist boats being hijacked and robbed.

Playa de Punta Arena is a large island that you can visit near the city of Cartagena, Columbia. It has an amazing view, small beaches, and beautiful island life.

The Rosario Islands of Colombia are a national park, part of the Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario. 


Are there any beaches in Cartagena, Colombia?

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What is the best beach in Cartagena?

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Is Cartagena Colombia safe for tourists?

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What is the prettiest beach in Colombia?

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